[VHFcontesting] Contest Confusion

Tom Haavisto kamham69 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 12:50:19 EDT 2013

There is a few more things that I would add to this past weekend:

There was two HF contests on - the WAE and the NA Sprint.  I am a
casual VHF'er, but I had a map up of 6 meter activity going and could
have jumped in to make a few QSO's if the band was open.

Being in EN58, there is not much point in trying to call CQ for hours
when there is not much hope of VHF Q's on other than 6...

The other thing that I think would help is a "rules of the road" for
VHF contesting.  Using chat rooms, arranging skeds via email
beforehand - the list goes on - are big no-no's from an HF contesting
perspective.  I do understand the reasons for this different way of
doing things, but it seems pretty strange to an HF contester.  Some
documentation of how things work would be helpful.  Might even
generate some more activity :-)

Tom - VE3CX

On 9/16/13, BEAMAR at aol.com <BEAMAR at aol.com> wrote:
> You have a very good perspective on weak signal work. I am conducting a
> weak signal forum at the Tampa Bay Hamfest, in December. I am going to push
> the  January contest as an introduction to VHF and UHF work.
> Buddy WB4OMG
> EL 98
> In a message dated 9/16/2013 11:51:47 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> nm5m at aol.com writes:
> It is a  shame that the VHF community largely consists of guys that would
> rather tinker  on the work bench than communicate.  That's how it is though,
> like it or  not.
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