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Tad Danley tdanley at suddenlink.net
Thu Sep 19 15:19:27 EDT 2013

Hi Buddy, I have used Par Omniangles on 10, 6, 2 and 432 for several 
years with great results.  I've used them portable as well as 
permanently from home in my deed restricted neighborhood.  They do use a 
balun, and I have never seen the tuning change during rain or freezing rain.


Tad Danley, K3TD

On 9/19/2013 2:04 PM, BEAMAR at aol.com wrote:
> A couple of comments on various posts. First off I mentioned that a loop is
>   about 1 dbi. When you take a dipole and bend it, you lose a little. So,
> you are  down  slightly from a dipole. Also the M2 loops are not quite omni
> directional. The Par loops, from what I am told, seem to be truly omni,
> however.
> The Par loops supposedly have a built in balun. I do not own a Par, so I
> can't say for sure. The M2 loops seem to work better with a current balun. A
> few  beads of the appropriate grade of ferrite is all it takes.
> The tuning on an M2 changes with the presence of a metal mast. Other than
> that, I do not know if the mast affects pattern or gain. But, the tuning
> definitely changes.
> The tuning of M2 loops is affected by rain. Even M2 admits  that. I paint
> all my antennas with ZNCRO4 metal primer. That seems to be a  big help.  I am
> told that the Pars are unaffected by water.
> Buddy WB4OMG
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