[VHFcontesting] 2M Sprint

Dave Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Mon Sep 23 11:15:29 EDT 2013

Hi 2M Sprinters,
I will be banging away up around 144.210 or maybe a tad higher.  I am always 
noting that there is a dearth of signals early on from many outlying areas, 
as everybody aims at the large population centers at the expense of place 
like Maine or Western NY.  I always have trouble working the VE2s and VE3s 
as pointing their beams towards Maine is not very productive. When I work 
some of them, they peak due west from bouncing off the Adirondacks. They are 
aiming at NYC I guess. Ditto for stations way out to my West.  I can 
understand the situation. Most of the signals come from populated areas. 
The normal routine is to point there and work out the band before you go 
looking elsewhere. My normal range for well equipped stations is about 500 
miles.  My LVA antenna covers the East Coast, while I park my 20 dBd 
rotating array out West and NW for Toronto and Montreal. I also have a four 
stack of fixed yagis aimed at Eastern Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. 
I am checking all the directions right at the start of the Sprint with all 
24 of my 2M beams, so please aim at FN43Mumbo Jumbo and get a contact!

Dave K1WHS
I think condx will be poor, but that is no excuse. Get on and stay on! Turn 
those beams!

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I get off work @5. I am going to the gym. Should be home by 7 or  shortly
thereafter. I am going to get on and start calling CQ contest.

Buddy  WB4OMG
EL 98ad
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