[VHFcontesting] "CQ On The Internet", Spin Doctors, and fair debate

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Thu Sep 26 15:40:47 EDT 2013

Ever notice that some of the biggest detractors of the creation of 
ASSISTED classes for VHF Contesting are also among those who never show 
up in your log? You can do some amazing things on the Internet, 
including doing a search by callsign of CQ and ARRL VHF Contests over 
the last several years. It's interesting to see who submitted a log, and 
who did not.

Makes me wonder why some who seem to be so passionate about VHF 
contesting don't bother to actually participate all that often.

Whie I work in public relations, I don't always appreciate attempts to 
manipulate language to change the context of a discussion, or sway 
opinion unfairly. I think referring to Marshall's proposal to create 
ASSISTED categories in VHF Contests as "calling CQ on the Internt" 
amounts to dirty pool.

Announcing that you are calling CQ on a given frequency, from a given 
location does not constitute a contact. To do that you must actually 
work them on the radio. It does make it easier to find and work stations 
who may be within range of your stations--that is, after all, the 
intention of the proposal. But if the person doing so competes on equal 
ground with others in an ASSISTED class, who is harmed? Those who want 
to be purists or luddites can continue to operate without assistance and 
compete with others who feel the same way.

Personally, I prefer the much more liberal rules demonstrated in last 
week's Sprint. Contacts and skeds can be arranged in advance of the 
contest or during, by telephone, Internet, or smoke signals. But for the 
contact to count it must be made via RF.. I tried and failed to work six 
stations that I had skeds with arranged impromptu in a chat room. None 
of them went in the log.

In the end it all comes down to honor and intergrity. You either work 
them, or you don't. The same standard applies to debating a proposal. 
You can do so fairly on the merit of the ideas, or you can attempt to 
manipulate language. You can create a catchy turn of phrase, or you can 
contribute ideas, effort, time, and yes....logs into the hobby.

I judge ideas and proposals based on merits. The merit of the idea 
itself, and also the merit of the person putting it foward.


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