[VHFcontesting] 12' Rover Mast

Mark Adams msadams60 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 12:21:39 EST 2014


K2QO/R here. I run a mast that extends to 15' while parked and nests down
with a top antenna height of 12'-12'6" for over the road driving. Have been
using this setup since 2003 and have about 18,000 miles of VHF contest
experience. To me, this is the practical max driving height. Consider the

1. Stick to truck routes. They clip off the trees nicely and even at 12'6"
you won't have issues.
2. Legal limit height is 13'6". Bridges and underpasses that are less than
this will be CLEARLY marked. Only once in the past decade have I seen a low
bridge like this. Cross those roads off the map!
3. If you have to take local tree lined roads, go VERY SLOW and make sure
your rover partner keeps looking up.
4. After it rains, be careful. Everything is going to be a bit lower. I've
found that truck routes are not a problem here, just local roads.

FWIW, my roving has been all throughout NY, western CT, and northern PA/NJ.
Trees are everywhere on the backroads. From pics I've seen of rovers west
of the Mississippi, it looks like they could run all day at 20' and not
have a problem!

GL es 73,
Mark K2QO

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