[VHFcontesting] Decline of VHF activity

Peter Laws plaws at plaws.net
Sun Feb 9 16:32:02 EST 2014

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 3:23 PM, Gregg Seidl <k9kl at centurytel.net> wrote:
> I think people are more strapped for time than ever before. If you have an hour to spend on the radio today are going to get on 20 meters or 2 meters?
> I am partially to blame, I'm getting off of 2 meters and will only be on 6 meters plus HF.

My biggest thrill in radio came the other summer when I worked the
east coast and up into Ontario on 2 SSB.  I was especially excited
since I only have 100 W and an ancient Cushcraft 10 el beam on an
equally ancient TV rotator.  I've looked forward to that one day per
summer that we get conditions like that again.

Somehow, weak signal folks have to bottle that ... especially since I
get the sense that few of the less-involved hams in my club don't
really believe that's possible.

And yes, time is a huge constraint.  More emphasis on "activity
nights" (or nets) that folks could plan for would probably be a good

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