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So as I see the problem with VHF/UHF is not enough activity to generate 
popular interest.
I remember back a few solar cycles when the Brits could only listen on 
6 meters we had cross band QSOs using 10 meters as a coordination freq 
and communication channel.
True ARRL doesn't give awards for cross band awards.  Maybe CQ magazine 
and others would.  I'm thinking cross band 6 meters to 4 meters and 4 
meters to 2 meters.  Icom has a mobile to DC to daylight rig that 
receives 4 meters maybe others do too.  Or was that just for the region 
1 market.  So how about a 4 meter SDR dongle as a stand alone receiver?
It would make a good ARRL home brew challenge project.
Talk it up.
Jerry,  W2JCN

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On 2/9/2014 5:49 PM, Duane - N9DG wrote:
> This lack of curiosity to try things like VHF weak signal strikes me 
as a side effect of amateur radio having been promoted for a few 
decades now as being a utilitarian communications "ends" vs. being it a 
lifelong continuing journey focused on propagation challenges and 
> Duane
> N9DG

We have at this moment several counts against V activity that have been

P1.) DC-Daylight includes HF, which at the moment (good solar activity)
provides the culturally-demanded "instant gratification" expected of
"technology" in the modern era.
P2.) Poor paper-chaser bait (VUCC as stepchild syndrome).
P3.) Dearth of good compelling and well-delivered
advertising/articles/published works which highlight the _intrinsic_
rewards of riding V/U propagation.
P4.) "Poor economy" wag = declined income = more labor hours to make
bills = far fewer play dollars/hours (keeping me off the air more often
than not since 2010!!).

... I'll add a few:
P5.) Ubiquitous broadband internet as Entertainment Delivery platform 
eroding hours from all other activities among a swath of demographics 
a trend which may level off as the on-demand shine dulls a bit (see P1).
P6.) Local QRN condx (? maybe a minor factor, but I argue SNR on V/U is
critical to enjoyment) increasing as little consumer noisemakers become
re-produce like so many hares.

Suggestions**( I only ask we keep it positive/additive for 2 days;
please try to add to this list _constructively_ -- THEN when we've
collected all the dumb ideas, us curmudgeon detractors, self-included,
can RIP it apart with long negative diatribes on why none of it will
work at all! ;)  ):

***** For the "NowGeneration" op candidates, pull V/U operations down 
low-common-denominator pop culture -- easier than ever:

S1.) Pitch new non-traditional awards -- things like an
Instagram/Facebook/etc photo contest of Rover/Hilltop Portable set-up;
Play the new social junkfood trends to grab the younger audience
attention.  Possibilities here are wide and far!

****SDR is the future -- and for those of us /already/ in the future
(like _you_), it's the present.....  and mobile-pocket SDR is close on
the horizon:

S2.) Make monitoring portable/remote-able.  Push development of SDR V/U
performance in small, efficient packages (already suggested).

S3.) Push SDR application development for mobile device
interface/operation from remote and alerting of signal patterns
consistent with "activity", "propagation", maybe an "auto-beacon-seek"
or other indicators that help (nigh, they just do the work) find Qs on 

S4.) Push hilltop remote-base installation of the above mentioned rigs
in terrain-challenged areas.

**** "Community grass-roots organizing" might move the S-meter needle a
bit (hihi... but seriously):

S5.) Strategically encourage state QSO party sponsors (again) to 
V/U, as just bands; as band-point-mults (Like June's point scheme);  as
full category/categories (QRP, Multi-Op, Limited/Unlimited,
whatever)...  perhaps best to start that in the populated states where
V/U has activity, and are sched in times of year where propagation
enhancements are likely to make a "model" for other {ST}QP organizers 
gaze upon.   Realizing this has been done w/ limited success, but times
are changing....  ask: do these events see suffering/stagnating
participation numbers in the modern era of digital distraction too?

S6.) For the next generation V/U op: V/U Rover-Super-Hero/Heroine/Team
comic book series?  Think STEM.  How can V/U operations mesh with
educational initiatives at the /LOCAL/ level?

**** Passive-aggressive:

S8.) Wait for the sun to quiet down.  ;)


   - Josh / KF4YLM

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