[VHFcontesting] 902 vs 903

Herb Krumich wa2fgk at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 11 12:12:57 EST 2014

For several years, our contest station has been having a real issue operating the 903 mhz band. This band five years ago was racking up around twenty grids for our station with contacts consistently as far as 400 miles. 
We converted our transverter with a switch to either operate 903 or 902.
But I never realized the filter I was using had tremendous cut offs down from the 903 band. That is now being taken care of.
I was able to check into the Pack Rats net last evening with a fairly quiet 902.100 .
My question to everyone is what areas of the country are still operating 903. From our location in the Pocono Mountains of Pa. FN21, it's impossible to operate there.  I need to add more cut-off on my cavity filter above 902 and when doing so, I will not be able to hear signals on 903.
Thanks for your input
Herb K2LNS
Stn mgr for the WA2FGK location

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