[VHFcontesting] Amplifiers for Sale

Bill Krause wk5f at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 12:50:29 EST 2014

I have 4 amplifiers and one transverter for sale. They are the equipment from my Rover Vehicle. The TE Systems 0510G  10 W in 170 W out, The TE Systems 1410G is 5-10 W in and 200 W out.. The 222 DEMI transverter is 28 MHz 4 W (modifiable) in 25 W out. The TE Systems 2212G amplifier   is 25 W in 130 W  out The  TE Systems 4412G Amplifier is  15-20 in and 100 W out. All equipment is in good to excellent condition and operating at design Specs.  I would like $325 for each piece of equipment or $600 for both 222 items or $1500 for the whole package. 
wk5f at hotmail.com   936 569 4009

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