[VHFcontesting] Dayton 2014

Dan Evans via VHFcontesting vhfcontesting at contesting.com
Sun May 18 13:27:40 EDT 2014

Got a chance to go up to Dayton Saturday:-)

I used to go about every year, but this is my first trip up in the last 7 or 8 years.

The morning weather was nasty.  Cold rain, and hail(!) several times in the morning put a "damper" on the flea market, but the weather improved as the day went on.  Sunday will likely be nice.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of empty flea market spaces, likely due to the weather.

My main goal for the trip was to pick up some parts for the Rover in June, and to take in the VHF & Microwave Forums.

The forums were great!  I'm not ready to get on 10, 24, or 47 ghz, but I may get there eventually.  And the 6, 2, & 432 amps Ed Krome, K9EK, described sound simple enough I may give them a try.

As far as goodies for the Rover goes, I picked up 4 new runs for LMR400, and  a new rebuilt Alliance HD73 rotator.  I actually have 6 or 7 rotators in various states of disrepair, but decided I will not find the time to repair one before the next contest, so I found a good buy on another one.  I was also hoping to find a transverter for 222, but came up empty.  They seem to be as scarce as hen's teeth, so I will likely have to wait and pick up a new one sometime down the road.


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