[VHFcontesting] N6ZE: ARRL UHF Contest Results

peter h n6ze at aol.com
Sun Aug 2 16:53:15 EDT 2015



                    ARRL UHF Contest

Call: N6ZE
Operator(s): N6ZE
Station: N6ZE

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: dm04qb
Operating Time (hrs): 3.75

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  222:  12      4
  432:  19      4
  903:   6      1
  1.2:   6      3
Total:  41     12  Total Score = 1,836

Club: ventura county amateur radio society


I operated on Sunday morning only from atop a ridge in the Santa Monica Mts
(DM04qb). At 7:00AM, it was already hot with clear skies; Santa Monica Bay was
covered with a low overcast. Visibility Northerly was unrestricted, but with a
bit of fog in low lying valleys.
  Best 903 MHz DX was W6QIW in DM04ck at 115 km/ 71.5 miles. I also worked him
on 222/432/1296.
  Best 70 cm DX was a KJ6SJY who was hiking in DM12 with an FM handheld.
  I worked both W6QIW & WA6EJO on 4 different bands.
  I worked 20 unique callsigns. Special kudos to members of Ventura Co. Amateur
Radio Society (VCARS) & Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club (CVARC) who
provided me with many contacts.
  All but 1 contact on 902 MHz FM was made with ALINCO GJ-G29 222/902MHZ FM
   Equipment: 222MHz: FT736 (20w) & most of an M>2yagi; 432MHz: FT736
(20w) & .5 of an M>2 yagi; 903MHz ALINCO DJ-G29 (5w) & small M>2
yagi; 1296MHz: FT736 (10w) & .5 of M>2 yagi.
   On Saturday afternoon, my XYL & I drove in much of CM94 for several
hours and heard no one as we traveled. I originally wanted to enter as /Rover,
but because no Rover QSOs made from CM94 negated that possibility due to
current ARRL rules!

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