[VHFcontesting] Kudos To "3830 Rumor Page" For Participation Without QSOs!

peter h n6ze at aol.com
Sun Aug 9 10:36:10 EDT 2015

I'm glad to see that the "3830 Rumor Page" permits submission of an contest entry even if no QSOs result from attempting to make QSOs. (submitting a score of "1" without any QSOs is the way to do it!)
VA7VX/QRP just did this for the Fall 2015 six meter SPRINT. A couple of years ago I was permitted to do this when I was QSO-less from CN88 with just a 33cm handheld during a microwave SPRINT.
This is a great way to demonstrate station ACTIVITY  & INTEREST even when no QSOs have resulted. 
bt73Pete, N6ZE in DM04ne today

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