[VHFcontesting] Solar Power guru....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Thu Aug 13 21:17:41 EDT 2015

Hello all....when I was trying to arrange the K5N DXpedition to DL88, 
there was an Amateur living and working in AZ(I cannot remember his 
call) that was a solar power guru.  He had a business there as I 
recall.  He also had a neat motor home with Amateur Radio that was solar 
powered(he had solar panels on the roof of the vehicle).

I am considering putting solar panels on my house and I would like to 
re-connect with this gentleman if possible.  SO, if anyone knows who I 
am thinking of, please contact me with his contact information.....off 
the reflector would be best.

Thank you....

Marshall K5QE
Phone is 409-787-3830 if you want to talk....

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