[VHFcontesting] Seeking input of RF Matrix board for Flex and other

Phil Theis phil at k3tuf.com
Sat Aug 15 23:22:47 EDT 2015

Rapid band switching is a requirement for good contest operation.  I 
have been making boards to get band data out of Flex Radios and the 
challenge has always been the RF Matrix Relay(s) that is(are) needed.  
Everyone gets something different.  Voltages are divergent.
Since I ran out of boards I have been contemplating how to meet that 
challenge.   My next release is discussed at: http://k3tuf.com/I2C.html
If you have interest in either the Flex or Elecraft for rapid band 
switching, or in a Dual RF Matrix Relay board, please check this out and 
give me some feedback.
Thanks so much,
Phil K3TUF

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