[VHFcontesting] FS: Stoddart 1-2 GHz Horn Antenna w/N-conn

Keith Morehouse w9rm at calmesapartners.com
Sun Dec 6 16:21:33 EST 2015

Forwarded from W8BYA - he can't post here for some reason.
Please direct inquires to his email - <w8bya at mchsi.com>

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From: Gedas <w8bya at mchsi.com>
Date: Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 2:11 PM
Subject: Can you pse give me a hand placing a post?
To: Keith Morehouse <w9rm at calmesapartners.com>

Found what I seem to remember is a Stoddart 1-2 GHz horn antenna with
N-connector feed.  The frequency range label is in tact but the name tag is
long gone. Antenna has been re-painted silver.  I had 5-6 various freq
range Stoddart horns and thought I had sold them all but found this one
left in the garage.  Of no use to me, asking $95 plus some help with
shipping and Ins.  Being sold as-is.  This was once used in the lab where I
was once employed to do some specialized testing. I may be contacted via
e-mail at QRZ.com e-mail address.  TU es 73



Gedas, W8BYA

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