[VHFcontesting] AC0RA/r Holiday travels

Wyatt Dirks wyattdirks at msn.com
Tue Dec 22 11:53:37 EST 2015

 I am going to be driving from my home qth in EN41 to EM21 and will be taking a limited rover setup. I am going to be leaving late on the 25th arriving the 27th in the later afternoon. I have planned stops in several grids along the way to try and hand out a few rare grids. Ill try to be on the on4kst chat page but only if possible. Rover will consist of 8  ft rover yagis from directive systems on 2m, 222 and 432 with 400w on 2, 100w on 222/432. I will also operate in motion. Look for me on 144.200 or up if needed. Also be qrv on the way home but not sure what date yet. 
73 Wyatt

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