[VHFcontesting] Searching for 222 stations....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Sat Dec 26 13:45:47 EST 2015

Hello to all 222 ops....First, you are REQUIRED to have a Great New Year.

After that, I am trying to collect a list of 222 EME stations AND a list 
of 222 stations that have large enough stations to do EME on rising or 
setting moon.

I have a list of current 222 EME stations, but the list is short and I 
feel certain that it is not anywhere near complete.  SO, if you have 
something on 222 EME, I would like to get you on the list.  This will 
help with setting up schedules to work new states and to work stations 
in the contests.

I would really like to get a list of those with medium to large tropo 
stations.  Those ops can be worked on EME by utilizing your rising or 
setting moon times.  Recently, I worked a guy in NH who had a single 
17el beam and 400W.  This shows that rising or setting moon type 
contacts can be made by a lot of stations...just about any decent 
contest station has enough power+antenna for this type of EME contacts.  
Like Dorothy, you just have to believe that you can do it AND you have 
to try.

The current 222 EME station is 8 x 222XP40s with full AZ/EL and about 
1200W from a Lunar-Link LA-12.  Soon, I believe that I will have a 
Communication Technologies amp that will be a full power amp.  I want to 
increase the number of stations that I work in the contests AND I want 
to work on my 222 WAS.  I have 25 states now, so I am half way done....HI.

If you have something on 222, I would love to hear from you. Just send 
me an email and maybe we

can sched you in the future.

ASIDE:  I am not picky about how I work new states on 222.  The 
Quadrantids meteor shower is coming up in January and I would love to 
work some new states via MS.  Some predictions have the peak of the 
Quads to be 0800Z on January 4th....that is 2AM CST...so I guess we will 
have to stay up late.  Well, just about anything for a new state!!!  If 
you are available for an MS sched, just write me and we can set 
something up.  Thanks.

73 Marshall K5QE
Phone is 409-787-3830 if you want to talk...

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