[VHFcontesting] 6M only category & other ideas.

Mike (KA5CVH) Urich mike at ka5cvh.com
Sat Jan 10 16:13:39 EST 2015

On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 1:43 PM, Dave Olean <k1whs at metrocast.net> wrote:

So if an HF operator discovers one day that his 5 kilobuck competition
grade transceiver has a six meter position, and he uses it one weekend
in a VHF contest, why should he or she expect to win anything?

Mike wrote

I have observed and is strictly my opinion that God gave us two ears
and one mouth for a reason.  Something most HF contesters do not
understand when it comes to VHF contesting.

Mike Urich KA5CVH

People will complain about the greed of "big business", well what
about the greed of "big government"?

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