[VHFcontesting] 6M only category & other ideas.

Dave Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Sun Jan 11 13:58:10 EST 2015

Hello Bill,
Wow, you were way ahead of me with that instant ON design. My 6M mobile rig 
had a 2E26. It was not instant on, but I did have a Command set for the IF 
at 7 Mc and an Intl Crystal 6M converter kit on a PC board. Antenna was a 
Saturn 6 from Henry at Hi Par. One big problem was that I had to run this in 
my parents car, as I could not even drive yet and didn't own a car.
    The next radio club meeting I go to I will push for sponsoring some sort 
of VHF contest. While I am waiting for that meeting, I will conjure up some 
wild rules that are fun. You know that we could really get carried away with 
some crazy contest ideas. The one idea that keeps sticking in my head is a 
rover contest where you only get points by working a rover. (Rovers would 
only work home stations) I have not figured out entirely what the rovers do 
for points though. The cool thing is that whenever a rover sets up, he will 
get deluged with a huge pileup. I am thinking that it could also be distance 
based with 6 digit squares. The rovers should be encouraged to move around 
over a small distance, say 10 miles or km. Another twist might be that they 
must use a different frequency at each place with no spotting.  Maybe if 
some rover guys would e mail me with ideas, that might help. I have zilch 
experience as a rover. I have helped to outfit them, and have much 
experience finding spots for them, plotting path profiles and such, but have 
never operated as one! Maybe you just add up the distance points, and count 
multipliers from each site in a cumulative total. That would encourage short 
stops, and keep the homies on their toes too. I suppose that having short 
distances between rover stops would mean that running and gunning would not 
work. Vehicles would have to be stopped to make a bonafide QSO. That might 
also be safer too for single op rovers.
    So think about it... A home station would have to be constantly tuning 
and listening to other stations in hopes of hearing a QSO with a rover 
station. When he hears one, he has to aim and peak the rover up, make a 
contact, and then go look for another QSO in progress. Remember that home 
stations would not be able to work other home stations for points. If you 
hear another home station in a DX locality, you can work him, but you will 
get no points for the purpose of the contest. You could also call CQ in 
hopes that a rover might call you. It could definitely happen especially 
when a rover gets to a new spot and needs to work someone with a big signal 
so he can get started with his next pileup. I suppose that the home station 
should QSY after working that rover. This all needs to be fleshed out.
    Places like the midwest with RoverMania could do very well with such a 
contest. The rules seem to favor places that are treeless and flat. New 
England NY and PA among other places are at a disadvantage, as good rover 
sites are few with most sites tree covered. Many hills/obstructions are not 
accessible. In such cases stations outside of the Golden Corridor would do 
well to use microwaves as lack of trees and a low horizon would favor the 
higher bands. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Dave K1WHS

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> Oooooh, I'm getting nostalgic.. I built a 6M tramsmitter when I was a 
> kid.. The final was a 2E24, an "instant heating" version of the 2E26..
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>> On Sun, 11 Jan 2015, Bill Olson wrote:
>> >Hey, do you think if we went back to using Megacycles
>> >that activity would improve??
>> heh...  +1
>> And, add a category for 2E26's and 6146's.
>> 73
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