[VHFcontesting] W5VY Jan VHF Test Rove

Pat Patterson ppattrsn at swbell.net
Tue Jan 27 12:52:19 EST 2015

W5VY/R Limited Rover
 Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Grd
    50  USB      1       1    1
   144  CW       6       6    2
   144  USB     32      32   16
   222  CW       5      10    3
   222  USB      7      11    5
   432  CW       4       8    3
   432  USB     11      22    6
 Total  Both    66      90   36

I activated 7 grids with just one QSO in EM23 (thanks WB5ZDP).  Highlight of rove
was time spent atop Rich Mtn, 2681ft ASL (EM24) starting around sunset on Sunday.
Conditions weren't great but there was quite a bit of activity.  Worked Sam, K5SW, 
and others in Eastern OK, KS and MO.  Worked Ron, KG5MD, on three bands. 
Worked Ron, K5LLL in EM10 on three bands and K5VH down in EM00 on three. 
He was my best DX at about 365mi.  Conditions were strange.  There was a slow
cyclic peak/valley on almost everyone.  The wind was really whipping on the
mountain top. 

6M was a bust. Early on in the rove I accidentally entered 150130 in N1MM to
QSY to 6M. My IC7000 made a strange noise and QSY'd to 150.130MHz.  I punched
the band down button a couple of times to get to 6M and called the station.
The display on the IC7000 did a "shake/shimmy" and all the bar graphs went to 
max.  I thought I had EMI/RFI and started putting ferrites on USB and power
cables.  After several attempts I did a master reset on the IC7000 and  that
healed it. Never heard any Es and early Sunday I managed to snag my PAR
stressed Moxon on a tree limb and it was finished.  After finishing the rove 
I snagged my mast on a telephone drop across the driveway of a friend house.
Broke the fiberglass mast and damaged my 8ft yagis on 2, 222 and 70cm.
I think most can be repaired.  It didn't rain, I didn't get stuck or have a
flat.  I did give guided tours of the rover to two law enforcement fellows
(one was a ham) and one new ham! 

Pat, W5VY  EM34us

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