[VHFcontesting] W0W EN48oc June 11th thru June 15th‏

vince pavkovich mnvinnie at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 8 22:58:17 EDT 2015

 Meteor Scatter  SchedulingMS Skeds Google Document  Please schedule yourself for meteor skeds on the public Google spreadsheet  using the link above. Our meteor scatter activity will primarily be on  FSK441a using the WSJT software. You  may also schedule periods using SSB, CW, or JT65 modes. We will use 50.248/144.148  for WSJT modes and 50.148/144.208 for CW and SSB. We will print a copy of the  spreadsheet before departing on June 11th.    Once again we will be heading up to Northeastern Minnesota in conjunction with the June VHF contest, with the intent to activate grid  EN48oc for those in pursuit of the Fred Fish Memorial Award on six meters. Our plans are similar to that of past years, with a focus on 6 meters and 2 meters, although we may have time to try some HF, Satellite and EME operations during non VHF contest hours.  Our call being used in that time frame will be a special event call W0W. Announcement Vince (K0SIX), Maria (K0MPP), John  (WA0VPJ), Brad (KB0HNN), Dave (NI0W) and Kris (KC0REO) will activate EN48 from  June 11th through June 15th. We will be operating from a cabin located on  Gunflint Lake and only a stone's throw away from Canada. Our operation will  run with the 2015 ARRL June VHF Contest.

  We will utilize a 7-element (6M7JHV) yagi on 6m and a 17-element (2M5WL) on  2m, both mounted on 20-foot temporary masts. We will be running Elecraft K3's  and amplifiers which should provide at least 500 watts of power on 6m and  350w on 2m. We will have a station on 6m and 2m continuously.

  Tentative frequencies on 6m are 50.148 SSB/CW and 50.248 FSK441. On  2m,144.208 SSB/CW and 144.148 FSK441. We will be sending on the 1st period (0-30  seconds) during FSK441 runs. Please spot us when heard.

  We will not have access to the internet or cellular phone service. Please  schedule yourself for meteor skeds on the public Google spreadsheet. We will  print a copy before departing on June 11th.

  Brad's (KB0HNN) vehicle will have APRS and chirping KB0HNN-12 during our trip  north. You can follow us at http://aprs.fi/.

  Thanks for your time and remember to keep your antennas north! 
See www.k0six.com/w0w/ for more information and past results.

  73 de the W0W crew   Thanks,73 VinceK0SIX 		 	   		  

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