[VHFcontesting] W4NH Contest Operation

Ron Rogers ww8rr at charter.net
Sat Jun 13 07:20:37 EDT 2015

The W4NH Fourlanders VHF-UHF-SHF-Micro contest group will again be on the
air during this contest with guns blazing. For this outing we will be
operating from north Georgia in grid EM84... north of Dahlonega.  Logistics
and personnel schedules prevented us from operating at the Soco Bald
mountain location this contest. 

We have stacked antenna arrays in the air now (including our EME arrays) and
equipment ready to operate SSB and CW on 50-144-222-432-902-1296 MHz.
Kilowatts provide QRO power on 50 through 432 MHz.  We will also be working
WSJT schedules on 50 MHz and operating EME  WSJT  on 144 and 432 MHz.

In order to exploit the new ARRL rules for this contest in regard to
Self-Spotting, real-time schedule making, soliciting of QSO's, etc. by ANY
means possible (DURING the contest), and for ALL classes of entry, during
the slower operating periods of activity we plan to watch the DX clusters (
such as http://www.dxsummit.fi/ ) using the specific VHF band filters, and
various VHF-UHF chat rooms ( www.N5TM.com ) to see if we can locate others
to work while we also occasionally post our call and operating frequencies
of our various stations on these spotting clusters and chat rooms. So watch
for us !!

When the moon is up and we are running EME on 144 and 432 MHz we plan to
watch and use the N0UK page  http://www.chris.org/cgi-bin/jt65emeA
and the HB9Q loggers  http://www.hb9q.ch/hb9q/

W4NH Band Captain

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