[VHFcontesting] Bird/CD element question re 432 mhz

Donald Fox taurusshoguy at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 28 21:52:18 EDT 2015

Trying to decide whether to pick up a D or E series element to go with my 43 for my 432 station. 
I recently added an aftermarket PEP board, and will have between 150-200 watts out of a TE 4452 amp.
Since I already have several C series elements that cover 2/220 well, it seems to make sense to consider the E series so I would then be able to measure up to
1 ghz and probably 1.2 with some loss of accuracy.

The second question here is whether to get a 250 or 500 element as the price is the same?

Thoughts please from those who have been down this road already........

Don  N8ECH

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