[VHFcontesting] IC9100?

Bob Burns W9BU w9bu_lists at rlburns.net
Mon Feb 1 07:05:57 EST 2016

One of the quirks of the IC-9100 USB interface is that it sets up two COM
ports. One for CI-V control and a second one for D-Star data. I think the
driver may be a little flaky when it comes to setting up the second COM port
and that causes problems across the board. Just a guess on my part.


> Lots of chat on the IC9100 list about the USB issues.  No one seems to
have a
> smoking gun but the consensus seems to be that the 7410 and
> 7x00 radios don't seem to have any issues with USB where the 9100 does.
> Some ops have no USB issues at all.
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