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Condolances...and RIP,
de: W1SMS

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With deep regret, I am forwarding sad news.The person behind the invasion of
Red Rock Mountain (FN11) in June and September has passed this morning. 
Bob was the trusty of the famous K3 Yellow Traffic Light and Murgas Radio
Club for many years. He has inspired VHF contesting and field day since
1975.Bob was quite sick for quite some time. During the rain swept Field Day
in 2015, I took a picture of him operating CW for the 45th year in a row.His
competitive nature will be sorely missed.I always enjoyed calling him my
mentor. So knowledgeable in every aspect of ham radio.One thing in ham radio
he would never do. "Never selling a high powered amplifier".Life was to
short for QRPMay my friend RIPHerb K2LNS

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