[VHFcontesting] 222 Meteor contacts...

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Fri Jan 1 15:28:50 EST 2016

Hello to all MS ops within range of East Texas.  The January Quadrantids 
are only about 2 1/2 days away...the shower is supposed to peak at 0800Z 
= 2AM CST on January 4th--in other words, in the middle of the night!!  
That shower has a very sharp peak...about 4 hours total.  SO, we need to 
be active from about 0600Z to 1000Z in the early morning hours of 
January 4th.

I am getting real serious about my 222 WAS.  I will run with anyone that 
needs TX on 222, but I really want to run with states that I do not have 
on 222 and that are within meteor range.  Unfortunately, this is a long 

I need IA, KY, MD, NJ, NM, NY, RI, SD, VA, WI, and WY.  There may be 
others that are right at the edge of MS range, like CT and DE.  I am not 
picky, I need you all!!

There are others that are out of meteor range, but I can work any well 
equipped station on 222 EME on your rising or setting moon.  I have a 
serious 222 EME station up and running, so if you want to run on EME, 
just let me know.  In that category are AK, HI, ME, MT, NV, OR,UT, and WA.

Lets not waste the Quads....lets make some good MS contacts the night of 
Jan 3/4.  I will be on PingJockey looking for scheds....look for me.

Everyone is REQUIRED to have a great New Year....

73 Marshall K5QE
Phone is 409-787-3830 if you want to talk....

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