[VHFcontesting] N3NGE Operating in January VHF Contesting

William Shaw billk3ege at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 19:31:12 EST 2016

Multi-op station N3NGE will be operating in the January VHF Contest from
grid square FN20bd near Morgantown, PA, on bands 6 meters thru 10G with big
and high antennas and lots of power on all bands

Rovers - if you are within range of grid FN20bd let us know your rove
schedule including gird squares you are visiting, approx times you plan to
be in each grid, bands you plan to be on, and any coordinating frequency if
you have one and we will look for you. IF you are going to be using APRS
let us know that as well.

With the new ARRL Assistance rules allowing schedules to be made using the
various reflectors, we will be monitoring the various appropriate Ping
Jockey reflectors for WSJT and EME.   For 6 meters we plan to do WSJT
Meteor Scatter FSK441A from 11 PM EST time Saturday until 2 AM EST Sunday
and again from 6 AM to 9 AM EST Sunday.   For 2 meters we plan to do EME
from Midnight Saturday night until 1 AM EST Sunday then WSJT Meteor Scatter
FSK441A from 1 AM to 2 AM EST

We will also be using the ON4KST Chat page during non WSJT and EME hours.

Remember - you can only use these various reflectors to solicit contacts -
NOT exchange contest information.

Any questions, let me know

Looking forward to woeking many of you .

73 and Good Luck in the contest

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