[VHFcontesting] IC9100?

Buddy Morgan beamar at aol.com
Sun Jan 31 13:31:19 EST 2016

 I bought one of the first '9100s. I have had few problems with it. Never used a 910 or a 746, so I can't compare. I did have a IC 7000. The 9100 is a much superior radio to the '7000. I have used it on 10M. Works just fine. Don't think I have ever used it on the lower HF bands. If my 9100 got hit by lightning, I would buy another one. 

Buddy WB4OMG



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Anyone have experience with the Icom IC9100?  How does it compare to
the earlier IC910?  I currently have an IC746Pro (IC7400 in some
markets) and was disappointed when the IC7410 shipped without 2m.  I'd
probably sell the 746Pro if I were to get a 9100 so I'd like to hear
how well the 9100 does on HF as well (the 746Pro does pretty well!).


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