[VHFcontesting] Jamaica DXpedition Final Report

Jim Worsham w4kxy at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 4 22:58:36 EDT 2016

It's almost all over everyone.  The 6M and 2M EME stations have been packed up and are waiting for our trip home tomorrow.  Final results:
6M-620 contacts
2M EME-280 contacts
HF (17 and 30 meters)-1000+ contacts
The HF station will be on the air for one more day.  We are both pleased but also disappointed with 2M EME.  We gave 280 folks a new one but if we had not had some of the technical issues we did and the SDR had not died on us causing us to lose a day we could have easily done 300+.  We have already had some discussions on how to make the 2M EME setup more bullet proof so next time we will not have these problems.  We will be doing it again next summer.  Not sure when or where yet but we have some ideas.  Stay tuned.

Jim, 6Y4KX

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