[VHFcontesting] Height vs. foliage

RT Clay rt_clay at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 22 11:22:34 EDT 2016

Yes, trees do make a difference on the higher bands. My qth is surrounded by 100' pines plus various lower trees. While I don't think it hurts too much on HF, cell phone service is noticeably weaker in our yard. I put up a new TV antenna last winter up about 25 feet; once the leaves came out around March the signal for the station I watch most (190 Mhz) dropped enough to lose digital lock (I was able to get it back by pointing the antenna more at the TV tower).

Any height you can get will help however. For temporary use you can even use your trees as an advantage and hang smaller VHF beams from them. I have done this for VHF contests several times. A 6m or 2m yagi hanging from a tree at 40 feet is way better than the same antenna on a 20 foot mast under the tree :)


>>  Speaking of VHF contesting, and my ongoing poor results with my 
>>  below-roof-mounted 2m beam at the home QTH, I figured I would ask the 
>>  experts here for some advice.
>>  Operating under the knowledge that more height is better, I am already 
>>  at a disadvantage being about 15-20' below average terrain.  
>>  Additionally I am surrounded by extremely dense trees covering all 
>>  heights up to about 50'.  The city has an ordinance limiting antennas 
>>  to 42', although there is provision for a variance.
>>  Assuming I come across $5-10k, I believe I could legally get away with 
>>  putting in a freestanding 70' crank-up tower, but so far I have other 
>>  financial priorities, and I haven't yet won the lottery.
>>  So here's the punchline: Is it worth getting a small tower or 
>>  roof-mount quadpod (total height 25-40 ft), knowing the antenna will 
>>  still being surrounded by trees?  Or will I be happier in the long run 
>>  saving my pennies and concrete, and just roving until I can afford
> something taller?
>>  Due to my lot configuration, guying is not an option, but are there 
>>  any other permanent-mounted, great-lakes-weather-resistant, tall 
>>  options out there I should consider?  I expect to operate up to 23cm, 
>>  as possible, but would expect most "serious" work would be only 
> up to 2m.
>>  Thanks for any advice,

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