[VHFcontesting] Height vs. foliage

Patrick Thomas p-thomas at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 30 07:43:42 EDT 2016

Wow, thanks for all the feedback.  It sounds like the anecdotal evidence varies, so maybe I need to look up those absorption articles and spend some time to do objective calculation at my frequencies of interest on:
1) low-height, high gain, attenuated by trees (what I have now)
2) medium-height, lower gain, attenuated by trees (hanging a halo stack, off a tall branch)
3) medium-height, high gain, attenuated by trees (current antennas on modest or roof tower)
4) substantial height, not attenuated, high gain (best but expensive)
(or moving!!)

...and figure out much each jump is worth to me, and how long I want to wait to afford it.  At least #2 (and maybe #3 using the roof) is likely to be affordable in the short term.

Which moves my question to "where is there good information about attenuation effects of trees?"  I'm sure google can help, but I'd be glad to weight ham-proven options appropriately.

The next-to-the-house versus away-from-the-house tower discussion is probably its own topic of debate.  On one hand I'm not fond of fastening a big lightning rod to the house... especially since the house's presence compromises RF and lightning grounding at least somewhat, and concern must be taken for one's basement/foundation.  On the other hand, bracketed installation means less feedline, easier access, and it provides better structural support.

Modifying the trees is not really feasible due to their quantity, size, and proximity to the house.

My city will require a permit, so the installation will need to meet mfg specs and local height restrictions, not just "other people have done it and nothing's blown over" or "it doesn't seem that tall from the street." :)

Thanks for the ideas & info!

Pat - KB8DGC

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