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David Erickson dave at w3dio.org
Sun Mar 20 12:50:35 EDT 2016


We originally used a regular 300 watt inverter to power the HAM IV rotor
controller on our rover. The only time it produced any amount of noise
was under load, so only when turning the beams. But that was enough to
wipe out 6 meters while rotating. When we built up the 20 1/2' Minnie
Rinnie RV as a Rover, we installed a 600 watt pure sine wave inverter
that was extremely RF quiet. We wouldn't hear anything when we turned
the beams when the inverter was under load but there was little floating
birdies on 6 meters but no significant impact to reception. Worked great
for years that way. 

The brake solenoid is 24 VAC @ 5.0 amps and the motor is 24VAC @ ~
2.25amps when rotating. So a 300 watter inverter can work nicely as it
wont draw more than about 175 watts when operating properly. You just
need to size your battery source appropriately for 14 amp current draw.
We used deep discharge marine batteries originally but we eventually
switched to Gel Cells.. 

You see the details on our website about our setup for the K3LFO/R at
http://www.k3lfo.org/ or http://www.w3dio.org/. Unfortunately we have
not been roving in a couple of years we both miss it greatly :) 

Dave Erickson (W3DIO)

On 2016-03-20 12:15, Stephan Greene wrote: 

> Check how much current the rotor controller draws. For Field Day, I use a
> small 12v-110v inverter to power the satellite station's Yaesu 5400 Az/El.
> I don't think a small rover-class rotor would be worse. Finding a
> low-noise inverter might be the harder part. I got lucky and the unit I
> had seems quiet enough,
> 73 Steve KS1G
> On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 12:00 PM, <vhfcontesting-request at contesting.com>
> wrote:
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