[VHFcontesting] DM78 Pikes Peak

Mike (KA5CVH) Urich mike at ka5cvh.com
Tue Nov 8 08:50:22 EST 2016

So I set up the antennas yesterday, threw the analyzer on them, set
the radio up and tested everything.

Since this is not some contest or rare grid expedition / activation I
think I'm going to focus on 50 from the top of the hour to the bottom
and then 144 from the bottom of the hour to the top calling CQ on the
fives.  I'm also going to use a paper log for this.

The only concern is comfort ... I do live on the gulf coast just
outside Houston, and this is Pikes Peak in November.  And yes I know
how to dress / prepare for cooler temps and the car does have a

Mike Urich KA5CVH
PIO Harris County ARES
STX: (A)PIC Dist 1 & 14

100 watts and a wire.

"If serving is below you
Leadership is beyond you"

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