[VHFcontesting] Loop Yagi theory

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Mon Oct 3 13:38:29 EDT 2016

Hi does anyone know of a web site that explains why loop yagis are horizontally or vertically linearly polarized ?

I recently gave a presentation to a local club on VHF and up weak signal operating and when I showed pictures of one of my 1296 loop yagi antennas I was asked if they were circularly polarized.   I don't think my answer that they were sold to me by the manufacturer as being horizontally polarized and other local hams use similar horizontally antennas, and as a result I'm able to make contacts with them was quite what the audience was hoping for (although from the perspective of getting on the air and making contacts I believe it was a reasonable answer.)

The next time I give a similar presentation it would be nice to point people to a web site that explains this in detail (:
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.   (Some google searching didn't turn anything up and reading thru the loop yagi section in my arrl antenna books also didn't give me an answer.)


Mark S

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