[VHFcontesting] 432 sprint

Michael Gullo mgullo3 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 6 12:52:34 EDT 2016

Call: WB2RVX
Operator(s): WB2RVX
Station: WB2RVX

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: FM29mt
Operating Time (hrs): 

Total:  QSOs = 39  Mults = 19  Tot Dist(km) = 0  Total Score = 741

Club: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club


Activity was good and condx up particularly to the West. I was able to work
EM95, EM99, EN70, EN80, EN90, and EN91. Best DX was Joe, K9MRI, in EN70 at 886
km (551 mi). Tnx to all of the sponsors es CU next test.


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