[VHFcontesting] N6ZE/R Plans Sunday Activity: UHF Contest

N6Ze n6ze at aol.com
Fri Aug 4 11:58:21 EDT 2017

N6ZE/R (+ KJ6VZC) plan ops from Grid DM04qb in Santa Monica Mts ~~0700 - 1100 pdt on Sunday.
> Note: N6ZE/R plans some ops with Woodie, KJ6VZC, 135 cm (222.1USB/223.5FM); 70 cm (432.1USB/446.0FM); 33 cm (927.5FM/903.1FM); 23 cm (1296.1USB/1269.0FM) from various spots in DM04)
> bt73 Pete, N6ZE

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