[VHFcontesting] N1MM entry window band plan: Can I set the freq it switches too?

nosigma at aol.com nosigma at aol.com
Sun Aug 27 15:35:49 EDT 2017

I am finally going from hand logging to N1MM.  Everything is set up and works great.  I spent a couple days practicing and reading the manual.  Despite a few hours of frustration, its all working just the way I want and I know what to if I screw up or have a computer, interface or power failure.  Almost all set to go.  There is one thing I just cant figure out how to do.....

In the main window, the entry window where you type in the call, exchange, grid or freq to qsy to there is a column on the far left hand side of of window with buttons for each band you will use in the contest.  Select the buttons and you qsy to that band.  The default settings for these buttons when you select them is the bottom freq of each band.  

Since 90% of my work is on the national calling frequencies (FM category) it would be a great time saver if I could program these to take me to a desired frequency when I qsy rather than type in the frequency.

I cant find anything on reprogramming the frequency on these buttons.  Can anyone help?

John Young

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