[VHFcontesting] N1MM entry window band plan: Can I set the freq it switches too?

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I must have set something up wrong.  Everything I read says the same thing.  I spent another couple hours entering freqs across the 4 bands and then selecting the band buttons.  Never returned to the last freq. I tried a number of menu options, no joy.

Its probably some sort of silly set up error on my part, not seeing the obvious or missing a menu setting.  It is certainly not a fatal error by any means, just a minor inconvenience having to type in freqs, still way better than spinning knobs and hand logging.  I will post to the N1MM groups page.

To keep the reflector clear for contest related matters, please email me directly at Nosigma at aol.com if you have any suggestions.  I sure appreciate any assistance.

Thanks  All

John Young

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On 8/27/2017 3:35 PM, John Young via VHFcontesting wrote:
> Select the buttons and you qsy to that band. The default settings for 
> these buttons when you select them is the bottom freq of each band. 

According to the N1MM+ documentation, clicking on one of those buttons 
should take you to the last-used frequency on that band. See section 1.5 
in the on-line manual.Maybe this is something the developers could 
change. Ask them about it and see what they say.

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