[VHFcontesting] Thoughts

Steve Kavanagh sjkavanagh1 at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 28 13:28:21 EST 2017

Just saw your post, Mike.  I'd think you could expect a bit less gain from the "squashed quad" than from a square-element quad, but a bit more than a 2-element Yagi.  After all when you squash quad elements all the way down they become folded dipoles.  The 2 element quad can also have really good front-to-back ratio, while the F/B for a 2 element Yagi (with straight elements, not a Moxon) is quite poor.  So there is probably a point in the squashing process where the F/B really degrades.  But the numbers on the eantennas.es website certainly look to be about what I'd expect.  

It's a whole lot heavier and a lot more wind area than a Moxon to get less than a dB more gain, but that may be fine if you are only doing 2 bands

Innovantennas also makes similar antennas (more than one version, optimized for different performance) - for example 


Steve, VE3SMA (sometimes /R)

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