[VHFcontesting] Rover experience at Blue Knob Ski Resort FN00RG?

Terry Signature terry at directivesystems.com
Thu Dec 28 22:46:13 EST 2017

Hi John,

We've never been there in January during ski season but Andy and I have 
roved there in both September and June. We typically watch the wx and 
the Hepburn predictions. If it looks like tropo to the west we go there, 
it's a VERY good location. I think January could be a "double edged 
sword" - since it's a good ski location, I'm sure the roads are well 
maintained but I would think the parking lot is going to get pretty busy 
with skiers. You'll probably spend a lot of time explaining your 
operation! If you brought your XYL for skiing, they couldn't hassle you 
too much!

The first time we went there I jumped through hoops and got "permission" 
from a not to nice ranger. No matter how I tried to explain to her what 
Amateur radio was about, she just wasn't interested but finally 
relented. Since then, we've been there probably 4 times without 
permission and have seen local police go by without any problems. We've 
spent the night there several times also.

The FM19AW site is another good location off the beatin path. They don't 
plow the road and when Andy and I were there in our "new" van, I didn't 
have good chains and didn't want to chance it. With your rig it would be 
easy and fun!

Aside from the fierce wx, I'm not sure you can do much better than 
Reddish Knob although Blue Knob does have a better shot to New England.

73 and good luck!!

Terry , W8ZN

On 2017-12-28 8:15 am, John Young via VHFcontesting wrote:
> I suspect the Sugar Grove facility is going to deny my request to
> operate inside the National Radio Quiet Zone even though the Green
> Bank Observatory will approve it..  I am looking at alternate
> locations.  Best one I have found is the Blue Knob Ski Resort in PA,
> FN00RG.  I dont rove, but drive to a good location to operate as a
> fixed site from one grid.  The resort parking lot lets me reach north
> to Rochester, east to NY City and south to DC.  Lots of blockage to
> the west but great to population centers north, east and south.  Good
> FM location with lots of hams within 250 miles.
> A number of rovers have worked from here over the years.  I would love
> to know something about your experiences there.  How is the RF noise
> level?  Any FM contacts?  Staff or parking problems?  I would rent a
> room at the lodge and bring the XYL who can ski while I contest (win
> win there).
> John
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