[VHFcontesting] Sept VHF contest roving / operating in BC

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Thu Jul 6 12:54:50 EDT 2017

I'm curious if anyone else is planning on roving / operating in BC outside of the greater Vancouver / Lower mainland and Vancouver island areas during the September contest.  I'm leaning towards a portable operation on Sunday morning from CO81oa at approx 4,700 feet above sea level.

The nearest town is Gold Bridge (in CO80.)  At this point my plan is to focus my efforts on making tropo / meteor scatter contacts into the South West corner of BC and the PNW in Washington State and beyond on 50, 144 and 222.  My limited experience, advice from others who have been doing this  much longer than I have and readings in professional / academic papers (: all point towards things working better in the early mornings.   If there were some near by operators I might operate late on Saturday as well but last Sept our operations on Saturday resulted in zero contacts vs a handful on Sunday Morning.  

 I'm not 100 percent certain this trip will happen at this point but wanted to put the word out and hopefully stir up some interest.   I've yet to complete any Qso's on bands higher than 50 MHz from CO81 and hope to change that in September so I may focus more effort on 144 and 222 MHz this time.


Mark S
mark at alignedsolutions.com
604 762 4099

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