[VHFcontesting] ARRL 222 MHz & Up Contest To Be Held On August 05 and 06, 2017

Bruce Kripton bkripton at pacbell.net
Mon Jul 10 14:05:40 EDT 2017

I knew I should have put more detail in my email so folks wouldn't
potentially get a bad read, but at 0200 local time, it is what it is...

To clarify, I was hoping for more classes of entry. Yes, I know there was
never a single op portable category or class, I was only referencing my
general mode of operation. Being portable, away from home, I can and do
dictate how many bands I choose to operate, how many and which modes and
what power levels from QRP to "high power". Having said that, I can taylor
my operation and be "competitive" with other folks in whatever class I land
or operate in. The way it is now, based on region carved out, a single
operator competes with all other single operators, regardless of time on the
air, power levels, bands used, portable operation, etc. 

Perhaps after the inaugural run, and feedback comes in, another discussion
can be had regarding future events.

73 - Bruce KG6IYN

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The ARRL UHF contest never did have a category for Single-Op Portable, but
probably the multipliers of grid squares has a little difference compared to
a distance-scoring method. I hope someone does some sort of an analysis and
comparison after the contest. I know W9GKA was working on such an analysis
using the distance-based scoring contests that have been done.

As for me, I'm just interested in working people (or trying to) and creating
activity and don't much care for awards.

.73, Zack W9SZ

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 4:21 AM, Bruce Kripton <bkripton at pacbell.net> wrote:
> Hello Pete,
> I have to share that I'm exceptionally pleased that this contest has
finally emerged after many many years of discussions and now ARRL
> But, having said that, I'm not so sure I'm likely to be as actively
engaged with the breakdown of awards and the classifications of entry
categories. As you already know, I am all for playing radio, promoting VHF
and up events and contests, and bringing in new folks as well.as those long
in the hobby but new to things other than HF, but there isn't nearly the
incentive from an awards perspective for the effort of setting up as a
single portable operator running low power levels as compared to other VHF
events and contests....
> I plan to be on from my usual location, but it's far more likely to be
more of a spectator sport this time around....
> '73 - Bruce, KG6IYN
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> 1. Objective: Work as many stations as possible on the 222 MHz through 241
GHz bands using any allowable mode.  A station in a specific grid locator
may be contacted from the same location only once on each band, regardless
of mode.
> 2. Date and Contest Period: The contest is held on the first full 
> weekend of August, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and ending at 1800 
> UTC Sunday (August 5-6, 2017). (11AM PDT Sat. to 11AM PDT Sun.)
>  For Full Details, Please go to 
> >>>>http://www.arrl.org/222-mhz-and-up-distance-contest<<<<;
> N6ZE Plans a rove of some type in SoCal on 222MHz (135cm), 432MHz 
> (70cm), 902MHz (33cm), 1296MHz (23cm)
> (Typical modes will include SSB, CW, & FM)
> Please get 'on the air' for this event!
> bt73 Pete, N6ZE
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