[VHFcontesting] WSJT-X PTT Issue

Steve Kavanagh sjkavanagh1 at yahoo.ca
Wed Jul 12 12:11:40 EDT 2017

I'm just getting stuff ready for the CQ WW VHF Contest and find that I can't key my K2 IF radio with WSJT-X 1.7.0 the same way I do for WSJT 10.0.  That is to say, I have used the DTR line from a USB-serial converter to drive a transistor switch which is connected to the mic jack PTT input.  Works fine in WSJT but I can't get it to work in WSJT-X.  This is a basic K2 with no computer interface, so I have the CAT rig set to "none".  Does that turn off the DTR PTT function in WSJT-X?

WSJT-X does work with VOX PTT, but DTR would be cleaner.

I have had WSJT-X running ok on HF JT65A when I used a K2 with a computer interface.  I don't recall but perhaps the PTT was thru the CAT interface in that case.

Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?

Steve VE3SMA

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