[VHFcontesting] Working K5QE in the CQ WW...

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Fri Jul 14 01:32:09 EDT 2017

Hello to all our friends in the VHF / WSJT world from the K5QE contest 
team....K5QE will be operating in the CQ WW VHF Contest and would really 
appreciate any contacts that we can make via MSK144 or EME for that 
"rare" grid.  The contest  begins 1800 UTC Saturday and ends 2100 UTC 
Sunday (July 16-17).  For those of us still on local time, that is 1PM 
CDST on Saturday to 4PM CDST Sunday afternoon.

Stations attempting digital meteor scatter or digital EME contacts are 
allowed to post Call, Frequency, and Sequence ONLY to the various 
reflectors.  This means that a station calling CQ on 6M MSK144 in the 
contest will be able to post something like "50.265MHz....CQ CQ CQ de 
K5QE First Sequence" to the PingJockey reflector.  That is what I 
usually post anyway.  Stations in the contest will not be able to post if
they are making contacts via CW / SSB or other such means.

Full information at http://www.cqww-vhf.com/.  Please check out these 
new rules.

SIX METERS:  For those stations that are outside our normal range, I 
invite you to try to work us on 6M using digital meteor scatter.  IF 
there is no Es, we will be operating MSK144 on 6M beginning at 0100Z 
Sunday morning(=8PM CDST Saturday night) on a frequency of 50.265MHz.  
If 6M is "dead" to Es, we may be on MSK earlier than 0100Z....just look 
at PingJockey.  We will follow "normal" sequencing.  This means that if 
we are pointing East or NE, we will take First Sequence.  If we are 
pointing West or NW, we will take Second Sequence. Sometimes, we will 
call CQ on 50.260 with a message like "CQ K5QE 265".  This means that we 
intend to work stations on 50.265MHz--please call us there.  If we 
happen to find a station calling CQ, or see your post on PingJockey, we 
will answer you on your given frequency, but most of the time we will be 
on 50.265.  This is a good opportunity for smaller stations to get a DX 
contact on 6M, because the chances of an Es opening late at night are 
not very good. Please give us a try on 6M meteor scatter.  We run 1KW 
output on 6M meteor scatter with fairly large antennas.  Please remember 
that the contest requires the exchange of GRIDS, not -15 or -09.

Remember, everyone can look at PingJockey now, even stations operating 
the contest.  PingJockey is a great resource--take advantage of it.  If 
you are in the contest, just be sure that you post Call, Frequency, and 
Sequence ONLY when you are calling CQ on MSK144.  You cannot post the 
usual "Thank you" and contact information that we normally post.  Of 
course, if you are not in the contest, you can post freely to PingJockey.

TWO METERS:  From 0100Z Sunday(= 8PM Saturday night) until our moonrise, 
we will be operating MSK144 meteor scatter on our usual frequency of 
144.142MHz.  We will use "normal" sequencing, as above.  Again, if we 
find someone calling CQ elsewhere, we will work that station on their 
frequency.  Sometimes, we will call CQ on 144.140MHz with a message like 
"CQ K5QE 142".  This means that we intend to work stations on 
144.142MHz--please call us there.  Again, this is a good chance for 
smaller stations to get some good 2M DX and a "rare" grid during the 
contest.  We get one too...a WIN-WIN situation!!  We run a stacked pair 
of 17el M2's at 160ft and 1KW output on 2M FSK.  Again, be sure to send 
your GRID, not -15 or -09.

Moonrise for us this time is 0600Z = 1AM Sunday morning.  We will be 
running EME from that time until 1800Z = 2:00PM on Sunday.  On EME, we 
will be on 144.142MHz Second sequence.  We will be on the N0UK EME-1 
page when we are on EME and will switch to the PingJockey page if we go 
to meteor scatter.  Just look for us on those two pages.

We will cease WSJT operations at 7AM CDST(=1200Z) on Sunday morning and 
revert to normal tropo type operations.  If 6M is dead, we will fire up 
on MSK144 in the afternoon.  Again, just look for us on PingJockey.  
PingJockey is a great resource, USE it.

With the new rules, everyone in the contest can look at PingJockey and 
the N0UK EME-1 reflector.  If you work us, please spot us AND our 
frequency--that way, others can find us.  If you are not in the CQ 
contest, you can post to the reflectors freely.  So you can talk to us, 
we will just not answer back.

Thank you in advance for spending some time to work us in the contest.

73 Marshall K5QE, EM31cj
k5qe at k5qe.com

East Texas

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