[VHFcontesting] 6 m Bandplans - Realignment for Digital

Dana ve3ds at acanac.net
Sun Jul 30 10:23:41 EDT 2017


We have a lot of S.Ont stations on 6 m now and I’m so pleased to 
see this! 

However these new digital modes create an issue when 
we have a bunch of high power stations (or high ERP) stations on 
the band… some chasing DX into Europe, others single hop to W4, or
double hop to the west coast etc…different sequences as well… everyone however is
piled on 50.313…. while theoretically it should work, in practice its not that simple...

So we do need to spread things out…

Here are a couple of suggestions … would appreciate your sage thoughts please.
Hopefully we can develop something for next season … 

The 2 options are to either go above 300 with everything or go below…
there are issues with going below if the band blows open on SSB, so I’m kind
of leaning to above 300 despite the fact that our friends in Ukraine cant op up there..
maybe a special “split” freq arrangement like the old cross band 28/50 split that we used to
use to work europe before they had 6 m?

1. Domestic ground wave, 1 hop 50.255  or 50.305
2. Domestic Double Hop 50.260 or 50.310
3. DX off continent 50.265 or 50.315

MSK144 Westward  50.250 or 50.330
MSK144 Eastward   50.245 or 50.340

JT65 Domestic  50.270
JT65 DX 50.276
JT65 EME  50.250 or 50.350


Is JT65 terrestrial going to continue on 50 Mhz, probably for now.
The other issues are such things as existing antenna bandwidths, allocations,
quick changes to current bandplans, interoperability between IARU Regions…etc

73 Dana VE3DS
Editor Six Metres and Down TCA

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