[VHFcontesting] KR1ST 2m Spring Sprint Results

Alex alex at kr1st.com
Tue Apr 10 08:27:06 EDT 2018

                     144 MHz Spring Sprint

Call: KR1ST
Operator(s): KR1ST
Station: KR1ST

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs):

Total:  QSOs = 25  Mults = 10  Total Score = 250



Rig: IC-275H w/RTL-SDR bandscope
Pwr: 100W
Ant: stacked pair of Omniangles at 25ft

Adding the RTL-SDR to the IC-275H with a Raspberry Pi 3B and CAT gave me 
a band
scope with click-tune capability. If it weren't for the bandscope I 
have realized that there was FT8 activity on 144.175, which led to my 
first few
FT8 QSO's on 2m.

Best DX on SSB and FT8 was about 200 miles on each mode. No stellar 
score, but a
lot of fun nonetheless.

Thanks for pulling my puny signal out of the noise!

--Alex KR1ST (FN21fk)

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