[VHFcontesting] N6ZE (DM04qb) April2018 2 Meter SPRINT

peter h n6ze at aol.com
Tue Apr 10 15:10:32 EDT 2018

Call: N6ZE
Operator(s): N6ZE KM6MIN
Station: N6ZE

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: dm04qb
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

Total: QSOs = 23 Mults = 7 Total Score = 161

Club: ventura county amateur radio society


The Two Meter SPRINT, the first SPRINT of Spring 2018, has some of my usual
comments, but also some more unusual comments.

Because my usual Rover Buddy, WA6WDY, was unavailable: XYL's Birthday!, I
decided to enlist the support of new licensed Technician Brian, KM6MIN, to
assist with setup and to provide a bit of VHF Contesting &
"Elmering" for him.
Because we did not activate 2 or more grids, I could not enter as
"Rover", but shaded the rules a bit for "Single Operator"
(in the name of training!

I consider that activity levels were low. Only about 20% of QSOs were on SSB
while all others were on FM. I heard 1 CW station and never attempted digital
ops. (Note N7WLC QRP comments re digital ops).

Weather was great! No snow!! No wind! Ceilings & visibility unlimited,
temperature about 70F. Great Tropo enhancement was noted after sunset from our
Santa Monica Mt. (2250 ft elevation in DM04qb)from DM12, DM03, DM13, DM04
stations: most 10 watt FM stations equipped with whips pinned the S-meter, even
from San Diego. About an hour after sunset, typical enhancement to the North
brought SSB signals with S-1 to S-5 signals with QSB. We successfully completed
with WA6IKE (CM98) at 370 miles; K6MYC (DM07), & WA6OIB (DM06).

We heard no signals to the East due to close in obstructions. 

I had posted SPRINT announcements on the following reflectors: ARRL-SB Section,
Ventura Co ARS (VCARS), Conejo Valley ARC (CVARC), WSWSS, PNWVHFS, & VHF
Contesting. I did make QSOS with a few members of VCARS, CVARC, Simi Settlers

Rig: FT-857D + 2 element M-2 yagi

I do plan to be QRV next Tuesday evening for the 222 MHz SPRINT.

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