[VHFcontesting] Ontario QSO Party

Buddy Morgan beamar at aol.com
Fri Apr 20 11:21:49 EDT 2018

 A couple of comments: 

Unless we have an E skip opening, there is no way that I'm working Ontario, on VHF. But thank the powers that be, for making the VHF and UHF bands part of the contest. In contrast, here in Florida, the Florida QSO party, next weekend, is 40M ~10M, only. Can't even work 80M, much less 160 or VHF. Kind of dumb, in my opinion. But, I don't see it changing. 

I find it interesting that Ontario and Michigan have contests, the same weekend. I would think that this would generate a lot of QRM, in the Ontario/Michigan area?

Buddy WB4OMG
EL 98


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