[VHFcontesting] 902/3 xverter , 432 amp F.S.

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 16:06:28 EST 2018

Hi Gang, I have a DEMI 902-144 for sale. It's set up for split IF and split RF though that is easily changed. It's a "902" version which means 903 is at 145 actually 903.100MHz = 145.103MHz. Set up for 1 watt drive at 144/5. This one of the original units with a Toshiba PF0011 output module which does a decent 10 watts. Also included is a DEMI 903LNA.. this is the one in the weatherproof "Rose" box with type N connectors, "receive only". Has the good old original ceramic Avantek ATF10135 in it which easily does under a dB N.F. I'll take $150 for the pair plus ship and can get it to you before the contest..

Also I have a TE Systems 100 watt 432 brick amp, model 4410G. It needs some work and I'm just not going to get to it. It puts out about 80 watts though I haven't tried tuning it.. Has an MRF646 driving a pair of MRF648's. It also has a problem with the PTT circuit (not sure maybe in the RF sensing circuit..) It still amplifies AND the preamp works fine too.. It's clean inside, actually looks like new (no charred spots). I'll throw in a copy of the owners manual which Doc W3GAD was so kind as to scan and send to me.. (thanks Doc).. I'm sure it can be gotten to work fine it , I just don't have time to deal with this and maybe someone could use it before the contest $50 plus ship..

I could supply pix and will answer any questions. PayPal preferred payment..

bill K1DY

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