[VHFcontesting] FN22 rover stops and other stations

Sean Waite waisean at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 20:14:01 EST 2018

Hi all,

In the January contest we'll be doing a mobile setup in the rover. We'll be
coming across FN22 diagonally on Sunday, basically up I-88. Is there anyone
out there? The only stations in our logs from previous years in that grid
aren't there always. We'd like to try and sync up with stations if
possible, we'll be on reduced power and loops only.

If anyone has a nice place to stop for a bit on or near the highway in that
grid, I'd love to know.

I'll send out a more finalized list the week before, but the rough plan now
is to start in Bow NH FN43, make our way south to I-95 and past NYC into
NJ, cut across I-80 through PA to I-81, then up into NY on I-88 up to
Saratoga Springs, clipping FN33 and ending on Hogback in FN32. We'll
probably also call some audibles during the rove as we figure out timing.

Thanks and 73,
Sean WA1TE - K1SIG/R

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